The EAGEN supports the important initiative of the HEALTHY STOMACH INITIATIVE

The EAGEN believes the work of the non-profit organization Healthy Stomach Initiative e.V., which consists of various public awareness events to educate the general population about prevention, food & lifestyle and treatment options, is a vital element to prevent diseases and improve treatment options. The EAGEN has worked closely with the Healthy Stomach Initiative (

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Operation during Covid-19

Dear EAGEN Council, Members & Supporters:

We hope you are well. Following EAGEN’s 50th anniversary celebration and the outbreak of Covid-19, the EAGEN announced its commitment to continue postgraduate teaching for the European GI community. As such, an audience of about 1000 from over 20 countries participated in various virtual programs in 2020. Further, the hands-on endoscopy courses operated live & in-person in the fall of 2020.

EAGEN’s main goal remains to return to a higher number of traditional in-person postgraduate courses & activities as soon as this becomes feasible. In the meantime, we are pleased to report of the successful operation of the recent virtual PGC “Difficulties in Gastroenterology” (link to view the course will be available here soon). In addition, the EAGEN will operate monthly webinar series’ in Gastroenterology – starting September 30th 2021. Please stay tuned and register (visit event page) for the monthly programs. 2021 hands-on endoscopy courses (in-person) are currently sold out, however additional courses are planned for. Please remember to visit this website for updates.  

The EAGEN is looking forward to welcoming you to its 2021 virtual and in-person activities while preparing for more in-person events for 2022.


Dan Dumitrascu                                                               Peter Malfertheiner

President                                                                             Chair PG Activities

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Update postgraduate courses 2021

The EAGEN is currently working on 2021 postgraduate courses throughout Europe. All courses will be available live/onsite & virtual. Stay tuned for updates.

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EAGEN Symposium 14 ESNM 2021 Meeting

Using the link below, watch the Breath of Fresh Air: Introduction to the new European Guidelines  for Carbohydrate and 13-C Breath Testing meeting that was on Sept 4th.

Click here to watch the Symposium.

EAGEN Symposium 14 ESNM 2021 Meeting2021-09-10T13:06:22+02:00

Difficult issues in gastroenterology – Virtual postgraduate course

Difficult issues in gastroenterology – Virtual postgraduate course2021-09-24T23:55:01+02:00
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